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Skin Wellness & Self Transformation
3 Day Retreat in Hoi An - Vietnam

Do you:
  • Have skin and aging concerns?
  • ​Constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed?
  • ​Prioritise everyone else’s needs above your own?
  • ​Suffer from present or past trauma, which could be affecting your physical, mental and emotional health?
  • ​Feel like you’ve lost your identity in the midst of all the “roles” and responsibilities you have – such as mother, daughter, wife, friend, and so on?
If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, it sounds like you could do with some time to yourself! Some time apart from the world where healing can take place.

After all, when was the last time you did something like this?  
Made an investment into your own health?
It’s something that we, as busy women, often forget to do!
Aren't we so focused on looking after our families, on succeeding in our careers and on being everything to everyone, we often neglect ourselves? 
Leaving ourselves last?
The thing is, having consistently beautiful skin, radiating confidence and energy, isn’t something that happens automatically. It takes a little work. It involves following a specific routine that focuses on:
  • Cosmeceutical Skin care
  • Nutritious Fuel
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • ​Movement
  • ​Mindfulness
To immerse yourself in this wellness haven for 3 full days (incorporating elements of this routine long after you leave). To relax, restore and rejuvenate – preventing illness down the line from pushing yourself too hard.

Remember, the word “retreat” isn’t just a noun. It’s a verb, too – and we’ll show you how to retreat deep within yourself, to “treat yourself”, as you so deserve. 

Push the reset button
Plug yourself in to recharge!

That way, you can be in peak health to be there for the loved ones in your life. Because even when surrounded by family, friends, colleagues etc, it’s important that you don’t forget about yourself.

Many women are unable to give themselves permission for something like this. They think that it might be selfish, to want to focus on their own needs for a change. 

But how can you expect to take care of others and to offer them love if you can’t take care of, and love yourself? 

To hold your family together, you need to be together in yourself!

Sure, this may be a reset for you – but your family and friends will also benefit from the magnificence you’ll radiate when you come back!
This retreat is located in beautiful Hoi An, Central Vietnam.

So get ready to immerse yourself in nature with glorious beaches, rice fields and the UNESCO heritage site of the Old Town. Breathe in fresh air and breathe out any tension you’ve been holding onto. 

This is your time to relax.

Imagine... Waking up to the serenity and stillness of your own luxurious suite at Christina’s Hoi An. The peace and tranquility of a riverside paradise, where the gentle ebbing of the tide calms your mind, body and spirit.

Imagine... Starting your morning with a delicious herbal tea – from Rosehip to Barberry to Vanilla Bean – that help to detoxify the liver, aid digestion and soothe the nervous system.

Imagine... Moving through your day with the deeply healing practices of yoga, meditation and reiki. Learning and growing under the caring and professional instruction of Yoga in Vietnam founder and long-time yoga/mindfulness teacher, Victoria Nhan. Allowing yourself to be pampered with massages and beauty treatments by the pool.

Not a bad life, right??
You’ll also enjoy magical moments such as sunset river cruises, beach yoga, private beach dinner and sound bowl meditations.

In between you can enjoy nutritious organic meals, juices and smoothies lovingly prepared by private chefs and including the best foods from next door in the renowned Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Reconnect with your body and mind – perhaps for the first time in a while.
Take this time out to nurture yourself, inside and out. You’ll leave this very special retreat feeling more grounded, more at peace and more positive about the world around you. Prepare to stop traffic with your fabulous new skin, too!
In a safe space, we help you become a healthier and more vibrant version of you. Treat yourself to incredible skin treatments, delicious healthy meals, yoga, meditation, massages, manicures and pedicures and energy healing sessions. 

All of which will ultimately help you to shift stuck energy – helping you to connect with your emotions. Able to express them, rather than repressing them.
A life's work into 3 days
This one-of-a-kind retreat incorporates 15 years of life’s work of research and study, plus personal and industry experience, into 3 incredible days.

During this time, you’ll learn how to nurture yourself for a change – plus how to take care of yourself on an ongoing basis so that you can continue glowing even after you leave.....

Dive deep within your beautiful self, acknowledging who you are and set yourself free of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

SO if you would like to feel confident, happy, relaxed, calm and present, enjoying life to the fullest with a smile on your face, join us for this experience. 

Give yourself the gift of love, self care, and incredibly healthy smooth glowing skin.


You’ll feel calmer, more content and more positive towards others. 
Your new attitude will affect your appearance, too – meaning you’ll shine brightly to the world around you! 

A healthier, happier you with smooth, glowing skin? Not a bad outcome, right?! 

That’s why we call it a total transformational retreat: for your skin and for your wellness!

This is your chance to sign up for the retreat of a lifetime.

Here are all the incredible things included:
  • ​Access to Kim’s wealth of knowledge and support for 3 whole days
  • ​Luxury suite accommodation with bathtub/balcony and beautiful views
  • ​Return airport transfers to villa
  • ​Skin enzyme peel or dermapen4 skin microneedling treatment
  • ​Private skincare support session
  • ​O Cosmedics skin care kit: 5 amazing products for your specific skin concerns
  • ​Miss Vitality supplement kit (2 products)
  • ​Health nutrition and skin vitality workshop
  • ​Skin Care and professional treatments workshop
  • ​4 x yoga and meditation classes 
  • ​1 Yoga and Reiki energy masterclass with Victoria Nhan
  • ​9 organic delicious meals prepared by chef Tru of Joi Cafe (All dietary requests welcomed)
  • ​Gel manicure and pedicure treatments by the pool
  • ​1 x foot massage by the pool on arrival
  • ​2 x head, shoulder and full body massages
  • ​Sunset river cruise
  • ​Private sunset dinner 
  • ​Beach bonfire night 
  • ​Optional energy healing session with Emilie Chanon - Kim's favourite healer and Reiki Master Trainer

What you'll learn:
  • ​Techniques and skills to help you live your best life, whatever it throws at you
  • ​A wellness routine, plus other tools to help you manage your life
  • ​Practices to feel lighter and healthier in mind, body and spirit
  • ​Deeply healing yoga and meditation techniques
  • ​The importance of self care
  • ​Breathing exercises to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • Specific diet and nutrients for glowing and healthy skin 
  • ​Skin care and treatments that are absolutely necessary for glowing skin
Like we said earlier, your internal health is reflected on your skin. This retreat is designed to help you look after yourself properly – so you glow from the inside out!
After this transformational retreat, you’ll feel more at peace. 
With a much deeper understanding of your mind, body and emotions, able to handle your skin and aging better, too. 
You’ll return to your daily life feeling energised and vibrant, equipped with mindfulness and other tools to stay on track!!!

About The Skin Treatments
Specialised skin treatments work to regenerate and nourish your skin, finding that glow that has faded as a result of neglect, trauma, stress, nutrition, lifestyle etc. These treatments aim to bring that glow back and keep it there – So you always radiate beauty, healthy and vitality!

How would you feel
Returning home a newer, glowing version of you... 
Feeling – and looking – amazing!

You'll be treated to:
Dermapen4 skin microneedling treatment– one of the most innovative rejuvenation therapies out there to give you rejuvenated and plumper skin. Rid yourself of wrinkles, fine lines and loose, sagging skin with no down time and maximum “wow” factor!
Skin enzyme peels that the skin cells absolutely love so they can reveal newer and smoother skin. Reversing the harmful effects of sun damage and stressful lifestyle.
The highest-quality active skin care products from Australian brand O Cosmedics and DP Dermaceuticals.
Wellness supplements from Miss Vitality to nourish you from within and make sure your body stays healthy, inside and out. 
Plus, it has been shown that having these treatments while you’re in a retreat setting – as relaxed as possible – helps to prolong your results. Bonus!

A typical day at the retreat*:
6.30am: Yoga and Meditation
8.30am: Breakfast and relaxation time
10.30am: Nutrition and Skincare Workshops/Yoga, Reiki and Meditation Masterclasses
12.30pm: Lunch and relaxation time
3pm: Skin treatments/Massages/Nail treatments
5.30pm: Sunset river cruise to explore Hoi An
6.30pm: Gentle Yoga and Meditation
7.15pm: Dinner and relaxation time

* We recommend arriving 1 day early and staying at least 1 day after the retreat to fully immerse yourself in this transformational journey. 

Retreat Dates
11th - 14th SEPT  2020  
5th - 8th MARCH 2021

Your Investment

Choose from one of these SPECIAL OFFERS

  • TOTAL VALUE $3020 (SAVE $915)
  • TOTAL VALUE $3020 (SAVE $880)
BONUSES you receive when you pay upfront

2 x Specific group calls to discuss your current health, wellness, nutrition, skin condition and lifestyle in preparation for the retreat

1 x Private follow-up call after the retreat to help you stay on track

Lifetime access to webinar group calls with Kim discussing invaluable skin and wellness topics and chances for Q&A

1 x O Cosmedics Multifunctional Peel Serum 

1 X Private access support (directly with Kim) for 3 months via Whatsapp

Note: Class sizes are limited!
We want to listen carefully to each attendee, dedicating more mindful attention to your personal situation.  

That’s why we’re limiting the retreat to 8 participants ONLY.

You deserve this time for yourself – and, like we’ve said, your friends and family will benefit from the new you, too! However, we understand that you might not have the opportunity to attend right now. Life can get in the way!

So please subscribe to our Youtube channel for future retreat dates as well as sample product giveaways and free skin routine advice. After all, everyone can benefit from a bit of self-care!


Kim is an international skin specialist, beauty columnist and founder of The Cosmetic Concierge. Having battled with cystic acne as a teenager – and more recently, a serious spinal cord compression surgery which nearly left her paralysed – she has emerged feeling stronger and more positive than ever.

Kim has been on quite a journey – learning to heal herself through self-reflection, meditation, nutrition, energy healing and a complete revamp of her lifestyle. It has helped her to be completely mobile again, to be fully recovered and back to her old fit and healthy self.

As a result of her life experiences and impressive education in skin, Kim has helped thousands of women globally with her Skin Transformation System. She believes that she’s stronger and more confident now as a result of her own past traumas – and she aims to empower other women to live their best life. To feel incredible inside and out. 

Victoria Nhan is an experienced registered yoga and mindfulness teacher, trainer and Reiki practitioner, and Founder of Yoga in Vietnam. After first stepping on the mat 9 years ago, Victoria continues to still step on the mat, deepening her practice. The mat isn't just a place to sweat, it was a place to breathe freely, to connect, to balance, and to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. 

She believes that the practice is magic; whether we're looking to move, flow and discover our bodies or simply learn to breathe deeply with awareness and joy, yoga and mindfulness give us the space and tools to do so. Yoga & Mindfulness continue to be a practice that nourishes Victoria both on and off the mat. Victoria's teachings and practice draw on her own experience and transformation through yoga, mindfulness and Reiki, and builds on the simple question, "how can we live life with more love, peace, and joy?".

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you’ll find a list of common questions about the retreat? 
Want to know anything more? 

What’s your cancellation policy?
A confirmation of your place requires either a deposit of $950. If the booking is cancelled, this deposit is non-refundable. You can change your chosen retreat dates at least 2 months prior.

Full payment for all bookings is required at least 1 month before the retreat’s starting date.

Any cancellations made 3 months before the date of retreat are entitled to a refund (less the non-refundable deposit of $950).

NO REFUNDS for cancellations made 2 months before the retreat’s starting date.
Do you cater for dietary requirements?
Of course, we can cater to any dietary requirements! Just give us at least at least 1 week’s notice. In any case, the food served during the retreat will be organic, fresh and balanced chef-inspired meals.
What if I want a room upgrade?
The villa has larger suite rooms with an even better river view. You can upgrade to these rooms for an extra $USD25 per night.
What if I have an existing injury or health concern?
Classes can be tailored for physical injuries and health concerns. Please let us know in advance so we can plan to accommodate you comfortably.
I am new to yoga and meditation. Can I still come on retreat?
Of course! Victoria leads classes of all levels and is known to be extra nice with beginners :)
What styles of yoga will we be practising?
The yoga classes will be a varied mix of styles including Hatha, Restorative Yoga + Yin Yoga. The classes will be theme-based, creative and balanced, incorporating pranayama (breathwork). They will also be strengthening, stretching, detoxifying and energising.
What type of Meditation will we be practising? 
Victoria and Kim are both believers of practising mindfulness in everyday life. Both have attended Plum Village retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh’s community. They’ll lead gentle guided meditations, that are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, tailored to the group’s needs. 
Do I need a travel visa for Vietnam?
Most passports holders require this. However, some do not – so check this list: 
Please arrange your visa in advance if necessary. 

It is easiest to arrange your visa through the Vietnam Consulate rather than online. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your visa to be processed.

Also, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date in Vietnam. 
Do I need travel insurance?
Yes. It is a requirement of your booking that you have adequate travel insurance, which covers all adventure sport activities, medical emergencies, lost baggage, baggage or flight delay and trip cancellation.
Can I arrange additional excursions during the trip?
Most definitely! Just let us know what else you’d like to do and we’ll make it happen, at just a small additional cost. Hoi An has so many beautiful things to see and do, it’d be a shame to miss them!
Will there be plenty of free time?
Yes!!! We highly recommend you give yourself extra days before or after the retreat to fully immerse yourself and to explore beautiful Hoi An.

Otherwise, the 3-day retreat includes plenty of relaxation time throughout your day, so you can take the opportunity to unwind and restore.
Kim taught me briefly about the skin and what my skin needs, and recommended products for me to use. After only a few weeks my whole face felt fresher and softer, and some months later I could also visually see the improvement when watching myself in the mirror in the morning.

I am really thankful that I met her and if you are wondering what to do about your skin, Kim is the woman to go to!

Maria Rygge
With the influence of social media and constant bombardment of skincare adverts claiming all sorts of miracles, it’s easy to feel lost and confused. I decided to seek an expert opinion and I’m so glad that I did. Kim has been a breath of fresh air. 

Her approach to skincare is honest and she is great at explaining the underlying causes of symptoms. 

Eleni Gardiner
Kim has worked passionately with me on both prevention and corrective solutions at home, armed me with the right tools and educated me on products and formulations and overall science behind maintaining good skin. She is after all only about results! Thank you!

Jennifer Barba
Speaking to Kim was absolutely refreshing as she was able to explain the ins-and-outs of skin (literally she is the encyclopedia for skin). 

I do recommend Kim’s services as she is dedicated in making sure that your skin is at its BEST. She is a friend for life!!!

Jade Hoang
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